Fully managed object storage platform provided by Koyeb.

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Ready to go in minutes
Ready to go in minutes

Use the Koyeb store and access your data with Koyeb's universal API. Process your data based on store events, and store the result on any cloud.

Infinite combinations
Infinite combinations

Compose processing workflows with ready to use integrations and your own code if needed. Build your business logic with our SDKs in Golang, Node.js, and Python or using Docker images.

No infrastructure management
No infrastructure management

Koyeb's all-in-one platform is backed by a highly available infrastructure. Build advanced operation pipelines for your data with zero server maintenance.


Koyeb Store allows you to upload, manage, and store all your files and media with ease. You can interact with your Koyeb Stores using the Koyeb S3-compatible API endpoint, S3 compatible tools SDKs or via the control panel.

Koyeb Stores are managed, secure, and reliable buckets provided by Koyeb. similar to object storage buckets. Koyeb Stores can be used to store any kind of data, including:

  • Media files: images, audio, high-resolution videos
  • AI Related content: datasets, models
  • Small files: CSV, log files, JSON data
  • Large files: Backups, Docker images, packages
  • Generally speaking, any data that can be encoded and stored on a drive

Process data faster thanks to Koyeb's pre-configured functions. Spend less time operating complex infrastructures, spend more time processing your data.

With Koyeb object storage, you can:

  • Encode videos quickly with one of your favorite video encoding services
  • Detect objects, faces, explicit content, text and more in images and videos
  • Move and sync data across different buckets and different Cloud Service Providers
  • Add extra metadata to your objects
  • Create versioned archives

With Koyeb, there are infinite possibilities to transform, optimize, and analyze your data.

Create a Koyeb Store

To create a new Koyeb Managed Store:

  1. From the Control Panel of your Koyeb Account, click Stores located in the menu on the left side of the Koyeb Control Panel
  2. On the Stores page, click Create Store
  3. On the Store creation page, select Koyeb as the cloud service provider
  4. Name your Store. Either keep the automatically generated name or enter the name you want to use for this Store
  5. Click Create Store

Your Store is now being provisioned and will be ready to use in a few seconds. Once your Store becomes active, you can upload and manage files from the web interface or using the Koyeb S3-compatible API to interact with it.

To read more about creating and managing your Koyeb Stores, please read our Koyeb Stores Documentation.









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