Connect any S3 compatible object storage platform to Koyeb.

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Ready to go in minutes
Ready to go in minutes

Use the On-premise store and access your data with Koyeb's universal API. Process your data based on store events, and store the result on any cloud.

Infinite combinations
Infinite combinations

Compose processing workflows with ready to use integrations and your own code if needed. Build your business logic with our SDKs in Golang, Node.js, and Python or using Docker images.

No infrastructure management
No infrastructure management

Koyeb's all-in-one platform is backed by a highly available infrastructure. Build advanced operation pipelines for your data with zero server maintenance.


The Koyeb On-premise Store type allows you to connect any S3 compatible storage solution to manage and process data with the Koyeb serverless data processing engine.

With Koyeb, you deploy event-driven functions and define which S3 events trigger your functions. For instance, you can easily deploy a function performing image label detection when a new image is uploaded to your bucket, generate video transcripts, resize images, and more.

Combining your On-premise S3 compatible platform with Koyeb is a simple way to add processing capabilities on top of your data-layer to analyze, optimize, and transform your files.

About S3 Compatible Stores

S3 is the standard protocol in the object storage space and many software-defined products provide native S3 compatibility, the most recognized of them include:


CEPH is an open-source, distributed, and unified object store and file system. CEPH is designed to provide excellent performance, reliability, and scalability.


MinIO is a high performance, distributed object storage system. It is an open-source cloud-native object server that is scalable and lightweight.


OpenIO is an open-source S3 compatible object storage solution ideal for big data.


Scality RING is a scale-out object storage software platform that delivers petabytes-scale software-defined storage solution.

Cloudian HyperStore

Cloudian's HyperStore is an S3 compatible object storage solution that is flexible and scalable.

Why Use S3 Compatible Stores with Koyeb

By connecting your S3 compatible object storage platform to Koyeb, you benefit from new primitives allowing you to perform any processing operation you need using Koyeb catalog integrations, your Docker containers, or Node.js and Python code.

Using S3 Compatible object storage with Koyeb allows you to trigger functions to process data from events that occur in your buckets, trigger functions at a regular interval, or invoke them manually.

With the data stored in your S3 Compatible object storage buckets, you can:

  • Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract text from images or videos
  • Transcribe videos to text files with video-to-text integrations
  • Trigger alerts and notifications on specific events
  • Analyze your log files
  • Move and sync data across different buckets and different Cloud Storage Providers
  • Add extra metadata to your objects at upload

Connect Your S3 Compatible Store bucket to Koyeb

Koyeb is designed so you can trigger processing functions based on events that occur in your S3 Compatible bucket with ease. To start processing your data with Koyeb, you will need to:

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The Koyeb documentation and tutorials section are always available to help you take advantage of Koyeb's serverless data-processing engine.

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Seconds to deploy

Configure On-premise

Additional information to get started with the On-premise integration.

Available settings

  • url — The url of your S3 APIDefault value: - Required: Yes
  • bucket — The name the bucket to connectDefault value: - Required: Yes
  • region — The region your bucket is locatedDefault value: - Required: Yes
  • access_key — A valid S3 access_keyDefault value: - Required: Yes
  • secret_key — A valid S3 secret_keyDefault value: - Required: Yes

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