Azure Blob

Azure Blob

Use Azure Blob storage to store massive amounts of unstructured object data, such as text or binary data.

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Ready to go in minutes
Ready to go in minutes

Use the Azure Blob store and access your data with Koyeb's universal API. Process your data based on store events, and store the result on any cloud.

Infinite combinations
Infinite combinations

Compose processing workflows with ready to use integrations and your own code if needed. Build your business logic with our SDKs in Golang, Node.js, and Python or using Docker images.

No infrastructure management
No infrastructure management

Koyeb's all-in-one platform is backed by a highly available infrastructure. Build advanced operation pipelines for your data with zero server maintenance.


Azure Blob Storage is Microsoft’s cloud object storage solution. Azure Blob storage is secure, scalable, and reliable, which makes it a great choice to store and manage any type of data. Similar to how other CSPs store objects in buckets, Azure Blobs are binary and large object that can store any type of data in a binary format.

With object storage, you can store any kind of data: images, videos, documents, machine learning models, backups, logs, and more.

If you want to learn more about Azure Blobs, visit the Azure Blob storage website.

Why use Azure Blobs with Koyeb?

Combining Azure with Koyeb lets you enjoy one of the leading object storage platforms on the market while leveraging the most powerful data-processing platform.

No matter how much data you have stored in Azure, you can process your data using a function from Koyeb's data-processing app catalog, a Docker Container, or with your own code via Github, Python or Node.js.

When you connect your Azure Blobs to Koyeb, you can process your data faster thanks to the Koyeb serverless data-processing engine. Combine your own code with our ready-to-use catalog integrations and deliver maximum value in your appls with minimum effort.

Using Azure's object storage with Koyeb allows you to trigger functions to process data from events that occur in your Azure Blobs.

With Azure object storage, you can:

  • Create thumbnails as soon as images are uploaded to your Azure object storage Blob
  • Detect objects, faces, explicit content, text and more in images and videos
  • Move and sync data across different buckets and different Cloud Storage Providers
  • Add extra metadata to your objects
  • Create versioned archives

With Koyeb, there are infinite possibilities to transform, optimize, and analyze the content of your Azure object storage Blobs.

Connect Your Azure Blob to Koyeb

Connect your Azure Blob to Koyeb and start deploying powerful serverless data-processing functions based on Store events within minutes.

Koyeb is designed so you can trigger processing functions based on events that occur in your Azure Blob with ease. To start processing your data with Koyeb, you will need to:









Seconds to deploy

Configure Azure Blob

Additional information to get started with the Azure Blob integration.

Available settings

  • bucket — The name of your Blob containerDefault value: - Required: Yes
  • region — The region your Azure Blob is locatedDefault value: eastus - Required: Yes
  • account_name — A valid Azure account nameDefault value: - Required: Yes
  • key — A valid Azure keyDefault value: - Required: Yes

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