File replicator

File replicator

A simple way to replicate files coming from a Store to another.

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Ready to go in minutes

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Infinite combinations

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The file replicator function provides a simple way to copy files in one Store to another. For each file uploaded to the source Store, a copy is added to the desired additional destination Store.

Advantages of using Koyeb's file replicator Function

With Koyeb, you can run the file replicator integration to replicate assets easily and:

  • Automatically trigger the processing from any cloud: AWS S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Google Cloud Storage, etc.
  • Perform a copy to the cloud service provider of your choice
  • Enjoy a ready to use function that requires no code or complex configuration to get started
  • Combine additional processing actions that immediately use the results of the file replicator function
  • Create backup files in a different cloud service provider or bucket
  • Live migration of your assets to another cloud service provider or bucket
  • Archive your data into a specific bucket or cloud service provider

How the file replicator Function Works with Koyeb

To get started with the file replicator function, you have to copy the configuration snippet below and replace the required values with yours. This function is triggered each time an object is created in the Store you use.

Below is what you need to use this function:

  • A Koyeb account
  • A source Store where you upload your data
  • An additional destination Store where your replicated data will be stored








Seconds to deploy

Configure File replicator

Additional information to get started with the File replicator integration.

Available settings

  • SOURCE_STORE — The source store to watch the file events.Default value: - Required: Yes
  • DESTINATION_STORE — The destination store to copy the data coming from the source store.Default value: - Required: Yes

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