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Video thumbnail

Generate a series of images from video media.

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Integration overview

The Coconut video thumbnail integration allows you to generate a series of images from video media. These images are generally used to showcase videos contents.

The integration can generate thumbnails in PNG, JPG, or GIF format and lets you customize the width and height depending on your needs.

Below are the parameters supported when generating thumbnails in PNG and JPG format.

  • number: The number of thumbnails to generate from the source video media.
  • offsets: The offset(s) in seconds where you want to generate the thumbnail(s), for instance, to generate two thumbnails at 5 and 10 seconds of the video, the input should be formatted like this: 5,10.
  • every: Generate thumbnails every X seconds. If the value is set to 0, Coconut calculates the right gap in second according to the source video duration:
    • every 2 sec if duration <= 2 min
    • every 5 sec if duration <= 10 min
    • every 10 sec if duration <= 30 min
    • every 20 sec if duration <= 60 min
    • every 30 sec if duration > 60 min
  • square: The image will be cropped to a square. The width and height value must be set to determine the size.
  • storyboard: Generate a storyboard image.
  • storyboard_template: Specify the storyboard template type.
  • storyboardbordercolor: An hexadecimal color for the storyboard border color.

Below are the parameters supported when generation a thumbnail in GIF format.

  • offset: Will start the animation from the given offset in second.

About the Coconut Service Provider


Coconut is a pionneer in cloud-based video encoding making video encoding simple for developers & teams.

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Seconds to deploy

Configure Video thumbnail

Additional information to get started with the Video thumbnail integration.

Available settings

  • every — The gap in second you want to generate a thumbnail.Default value: - Required: No
  • fit — Define the the fit mode.Default value: pad - Required: No
  • format — The thumbnails generated format.Default value: jpg - Required: Yes
  • height — The thumbnail height, when used, width must be set.Default value: - Required: No
  • number — The number of thumbnail to generate.Default value: - Required: No
  • offsets — The offset in second where you want to take the thumbnail.Default value: - Required: No
  • storyboard — Generate a storyboard like image.Default value: - Required: No
  • storyboard_border_color — An hexadecimal color for the storyboard border color.Default value: - Required: No
  • storyboard_template — The storyboard template to use.Default value: a - Required: No
  • width — The thumbnail width.Default value: - Required: No

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